What’s in it for me? How to motivate yourself to lose weight

We rarely do things without the promise of reward. Think about it, deep down you know that whatever you do there is a little something in it for you – you take the kids to soft play so you can have a coffee and a chat with your friend, you go to work to get paid, you train so you can run faster/longer or be stronger, you go on a diet ‘to be skinny’?…..

If ‘to be skinny’ is your goal so that you can snare that Tom Hardy lookalike, this could be where you are going wrong my friend. This is one of the reasons why dieting fails. You start on your first week full of drive and enthusiasm. You get to the end of the first week and jump on the scales – not much has budged. Fast forward to the end of week 2, nothing.

Tom Hardy still hasn’t noticed you. “Forget it, what’s the point?!” you cry and binge on all the food.

Where’s the problem here? You are looking at this all wrong. You need to rethink your goal – your reward was not ‘to be skinny’ your reward should have been (**select all that apply) to have more energy to play with my children/to get healthier so that when I next have my blood pressure checked its in a healthy range/to feel more comfortable in my clothes so that I can have more confidence (and then go on a date with Tom Hardy).

Firstly, diets don’t work, so stop the severe calorie restriction and depriving yourself of food groups. Do this instead ⇒ Before embarking on any lifestyle changes, I want you to be honest with yourself – what’s your why? Your real motivation for doing this? What will it feel like? How will you measure your success other than the scales? How can you make it achievable?

5 steps to change your lifestyle and diet for good

Identify your ‘why’

What’s your reason for needing to change. It’s important to be super clear on this. This is your motivation. Write it down, put it on the fridge so you have a constant reminder of what you are striving for.

Identify your goal

What is it specifically? To lose 6 lbs in 6 months or fit into that pair of trousers in 6 months or to feel more confident in my clothes so I can start dating again in 6 months.

Is it realistic and achievable?

If you say you want to lose a stone in a month, that is totally unrealistic and unachievable. Safe weight loss is in the region of 1 – 2 lbs a week (1), although this is very much dependent on what stage of life you are in. For many ladies this is unachievable until they have learned to eat in a way that balances their hormones. This doesn’t mean its unattainable, just that you may need more support, guidance and time.

How will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Are you going to weigh yourself? Take measurements? Choose an outfit to fit into? Take photos? Sign up to that online dating site to bag Tom Hardy. It’s also good to set yourself mini targets and rewards and share them with your family so they support you and provide extra motivation “if mummy loses 3 lbs in 6 weeks we will go swimming as a family”

Be consistent

Change takes months to achieve. It may feel like you are getting nowhere at times but stick with it. It’s important to notice other indicators that your changes are having an impact. You have more energy in the morning, you don’t need that 3pm coffee and a biscuit or your skin is glowing.

Real change that lasts a lifetime TAKES TIME. You need to be in this for the long haul. You may not get there the first time and the fact is, most people don’t (2), but that doesn’t mean you give up trying. Evidence shows that people tend to be more successful when they are surrounded by supportive people (3), so come and join my FREE brand, spanking new Facebook group Happy. Healthy. Nourished and make this weight loss attempt your successful one Happy. Healthy. Nourished.


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