The Trouble with ‘Clean Eating’

I’m sure many of you have heard this term, it’s widely used by many people who work in the health and wellness industry. But it is not one you will hear me using. It is dangerous because it unintentionally promotes restrictive and unhealthy diets.

‘Clean’ implies that other food is dirty and that we are dirty or bad for consuming these foods. This can feed into a negative pattern and belief system about ourselves and the foods we eat, supporting the guilt-binge cycle. We are what we eat, aren’t we?

Interestingly, there is no ‘clean’ diet. It is a vague term and a quick google will give you lots of different explanations. The trouble is, this tends to provide fuel to individuals that already have a difficult relationship with food and can provide a legitimate cover for eating disorders.

I want you to break this cycle.

You are not a better person for choosing a salad over a cheese burger

You are not a better person for eating a salad over a cheese burger. Yes you need to eat a balanced diet for overall health, food is both necessary and a pleasure in life but this type of mindset instils fear. No single food is bad by itself and no single food is good by itself.

As long as you label foods in this way, you make them forbidden, so you can’t help but think about them, crave them and overeat with them. When you eat *insert food of choice taste it, enjoy it, it’s just food.

My aim is to bring back the joy and pleasure in eating, to help you nourish and love your body again whilst helping you to lose weight and keep it off for good. If you would like to know more about working with me then please do get in touch via my contact from below or click here to find out more about my services. If you know of anyone who this would resonate with, please put them in touch so we can have a virtual coffee and a chat. Book a free call with me by filling out my form below.

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