We wanted to deliver a menopause talk as part of our staff wellbeing programme.  Julie presented a very knowledgeable and engaging session on menopause, she shared lots of valuable nutritional advice and also some really useful tips on simple lifestyle changes which can make real positive improvements on how we feel.  Julie’s open discussion was very well received by staff, she also made suggestions for the workplace and how we, as an organisation, can support our staff to manage their symptoms. A highly recommended workshop!

Fiona Emanuele

Colchester Borough Homes

I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped. I am not sure what has triggered in my mind but your technique, if that’s the right word, and expertise allowed me the freedom to explore my own behaviours and perceptions around food and the association with how it makes me feel.

As I said to you, I did not expect this when I booked my first appointment but am so enthused by this fresh approach.

Julie opened my eyes to how I really wasnt looking after myself and how much this was rooted about how I felt about myself. My relationship with food is now healthy but also recognising emotional triggers has really helped my overall wellbeing and weight loss gradually. Julie is so knowledgeable and friendly, it was an enjoyable process and would highly recommend Julie to anyone who is not happy about their nutrition and wellbeing.


We've been taking part in Julie's Live Cook-along sessions in her group, Happy. Healthy. Nourished. With easy to follow, tasty recipes these sessions are great! The quesadillas were amazing!
I've also been on several of Julie's Wellness Walks which provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to discuss anything nutrition related whilst enjoying a walk at the beach.
Julie is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services.

Laura King

Julie helped me to regain a healthy diet. I feel so much better for it. Her help and guidance have made me feel like a new person.


Kara Pederson

Well today I treated myself to a health and nutrition day, and what a wonderful day it was, so relaxing and informative and will definitely be going back. I would like to thank Julie Court Nutrition and Yoga with Tunde. This also included floatation therapy and kombucha tasting. All at Float and Booch, highly recommend.

Lisa Bronwen Fooks

Julie is such an inspiration. I have been on her 8 week healthy lifestyle plan. Nearly at the end. What I like about it is that it’s all about lifestyle changes over time rather than these quick fix lose weight rapidly diets. I’ve battled with my weight for many years Julie’s advice and support is so realistic she gets the balance just right. I would highly recommend her. I am slowly make life changes that are beneficial to the whole family not just me.

Laura Speller

Since following your advice I’ve lost 6 lbs but I’m eating more than ever. I’m never hungry and I’ve even thrown away my tin of SlimFast!

Debbie Smith

Outstanding mentoring and coaching helping you focus on all the good your achieving

Lisa Smith

Very thorough feedback and analysis from food diary and useful personalised suggestions of tweaks I can make. Highly recommend.

Nicola Pryer