Summer Belly Blitz

HOW’S THAT SUMMER BELLY COMING ALONG? Waistband a little tighter? Elasticated granny pants looking like a good option? ? I know the feeling!

Join me from 9th September to shift that summer bulge! Over the summer I’ve put together a plan to help you LOSE WEIGHT but FEEL FULL whilst getting you off the sugar roller-coaster that is holding you back!

Personalised to YOUR NEEDS. Available as PAYG consultations or my super-duper fast track 4 week intensive programme (limited space already!)

Most people, even those who consider their diets to be ‘healthy’ consume an enormous amount of sugar each day. Undertaking my plan, you will learn to eat in a different way that doesn’t leave you a slave to your cravings. Without any major reduction in calories, you will be feeling fuller for longer and have more energy making the 3pm slump a thing of the past. The plan is tailored to everyone’s unique circumstances with those on my 4-week intensive programme having access to a nutrition app, the ability to contact me on a daily basis, weekly consultations with support and motivation when you need it most.

My 4 Week Intensive Programme is £220 **Book before 30th August to get my early bird offer of £200**

Standalone appointments are available at £30 per consultation but I would recommend a course of 3 in order for you to gain the most benefit.

Any questions I would love to hear from you, thanks Julie …

For more information or to SECURE YOUR PLACE please use my contact form below x

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