Midlife Weight Loss Tips

Midlife Weight Gain

As if life wasn’t difficult enough with hormonal shifts affecting your moods, your ability to concentrate and insomnia, you are now being gifted with an ever-growing waistband that doesn’t respond to anything you try. Adding to the list of things for you to feel shit about.

Midlife Weight Loss Tips
Do you feel like your body is working against you?

This simply isn’t true. Your body is doing its best to protect and support you. Weight gain might be inconvenient but is part of this process. Fat produces a low level of oestrogen (along with your adrenals) that helps to offset the decline in oestrogen from your ovaries. So, your body wants you to have a bit of extra fat to help you feel better.

Dealing with these changes in a loving and nourishing way, is the way forward now. Stop the punishing fitness regimes and severe calorie restriction. These aren’t going to help you. You know that because you’re doing it now but yet the number on the scales will not budge. I can help you reset and make the tweaks you need to your diet and lifestyle to get you back on track with your weight and get rid of some of those annoying menopause symptoms at the same time.

Getting ‘Back to Basics’ with these tips stops the overwhelm and gives you a starting point, so you can actually DO something!⁠

Tips to get you started:

✔️Start carrying a water bottle with you, you most likely aren’t drinking enough and this will encourage you to drink more.
✔️Eat three balanced meals per day and avoid snacking.
✔️Move more, this doesn’t have to mean punishing yourself. What to you enjoy? Walking with your friends, cycling, Pilates, yoga, or dancing. Do more of these things!
✔️Plan your meals so you don’t have to pop to the takeaway for dinner because you don’t have anything in.
✔️Keep caffeine to the morning and try to have 3 alcohol free days.

I know there is nothing sexy or new there, right? So, why don’t we do it? This is where we step into the behaviour change part of my role. I work with women just like you, to find out what makes you tick, to help you make changes in a way that feel good, where you call the shots and ultimately make changes that last for the long term.

Summer is just around the corner, now is the time to get this sorted once and for all!
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