Menopause Friendly Recipes

Where to find menopause friendly recipes and ideas for cooking is a constant source of frustration for my clients. With this in mind, I’ve created this page with links to recipes I would recommend you try, all menopause friendly or can be adapted in some way to suit your family needs. Think of this as your one stop shop for inspiration. Do you have a recipe you love that you think I should add? Drop me a line via my contact form.

The important thing is that you get lots of lovely variety in your diet which will prevent boredom, keeping you excited and interested in what you are eating. Getting lots of plant based variety in your diet will help to improve your microbiome. Supporting you from the inside to ensure you absorb the nutrients from your food which in turn will help you to feel good mentally and physically, as well as having a noticeable effect on your symptoms too. Win, win!

Fish & Seafood

Grilled salmon Tacos

Harissa crumbed fish with lentils & peppers

All-in-One Steam-roasted Salmon & Broccoli with Lime, Ginger, Garlic & Chilli

Warm new potato & smoked mackerel salad

Seared sesame tuna Quick and easy but packed full of flavour.

Roasted cod with Mediterranean vegetables

Smoked mackerel kitchri Works great for a make ahead lunch.

Cajun Spiced Cod, with Black Bean & Avocado Salsa

Lime Prawn Cocktail Salad I wouldn't bother taking the time to crisp up the pitta in the oven, simply toast a small wholemeal pitta bread and this will be lunch on the table in 5 minutes. I also used full fat Greek yoghurt and increased the amount of cooked king prawns to 150g. Bonus points that this makes two portions, so tomorrows lunch is sorted too.


Grilled fillet steak with the creamiest white beans and leeks This one feels like a real treat, it works well for both midweek or a weekend decadence. The recipe says it takes 55 minutes, but I've made this a few times and it definitely doesn't take that long.

Minced beef hotpot I’d suggest a generous serving of broccoli on the side.

Sausage & butter bean casserole with cauliflower rice  I generally make this with a vegetarian sausage but also save yourself the aggravation of making cauliflower rice and use a microwave pouch instead. You could use quinoa, brown rice or the mixed grains with beans.

Cauli-kale sausage bake A real family pleaser. Again, you can substitute for vegetarian sausages if you like but they do need to be really tasty ones for it to work, as much of the flavour comes from the sausage.

Spanish inspired chicken one-pot

Beef and broccoli noodle bowl Adding a sprinkle of sesame seeds will up the nutrition in this meal.


Hardly and prep store cupboard lunch

Middle Eastern cauliflower lentil salad

Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad

Butternut Squash, Kale, Butter Bean and Pesto Salad

Roasted cauli-broc bowl with tahini houmous Great make-ahead lunch!

Cumin roast veg with tahini dressing

Sweet potato, lentil and feta salad


Lentil Bolognese Soup