How to beat the bloat on holiday

You’ve worked hard at getting your bod in tip top shape for the beach but do you blow it all as soon as you hit the hotel buffet? Fear not! Read on for my easy tips to keep you strutting around the pool without having to suck your belly in so tight you can barely breathe…

Breakfast buffet: It’s easy to hoover up the entire breakfast offering, particularly if you are nursing a hangover but a few carefully thought out options will set you up right for the day ahead with adding to the bloat and will also help to stabilise your blood sugars preventing snack choices you might regret later in the day.

  • Made to order omelette – fill with lots of lovely veggies of your choosing and a little cheese. Yum!
  • Full fat yoghurt, topped with fresh fruit and a little no added sugar granola
  • It’s also worth taking some of the fresh fruit on offer for snacks later in the day. Apples, oranges and bananas are perfect for this. Also consider seeds and nuts.

Lunch: The main thing here is to avoid bowl fulls of carbohydrates like pasta, pizza, chips and bread.

  • Choose a salad option which you will appreciate in the heat anyway. Great examples are Greek salad, nicoise salad and insalata
  • Gazpacho – nutritious and will help keep you cool
  • Deli meats and cheese selection

Dinner: This shouldn’t be difficult!

  • Take advantage of your location and have tasty freshly caught fish, grilled on a barbecue. Yes please!
  • Grilled meats
  • Roasted Mediterranean vegetables
  • Tomato based dishes

On average a UK adult will pile on 8lbs of weight during a 2 week holiday

Stay Active: Once you’ve bagged that sun lounger it can be tempting not to move for the rest of the day. You are on holiday and a few days relaxing over the course of a week or two won’t do any harm but do take advantage of some of the activities on offer.

  • Use the hotel pool and swim a few lengths when the heat gets too much
  • Join in a yoga session or any other activity the hotel has on offer which takes your fancy
  • See the sights! Join a hike or hire a bike and see the country you’ve paid so much to visit

Alcohol: This is often the number one offender when it comes to holiday weight gain. You don’t have to avoid drinking completely but a few carefully chosen options will help when it comes to that belly wobble.

  • Avoid sugary mixers like tonic water, have sparkling water or soda water instead
  • Top up your wine with sparkling water for a spritzer
  • Choose low calorie spirits like gin or vodka
  • Be careful of creamy cocktails like pina colada
  • Drink plenty of water for the duration of your holiday, you’ll easily dehydrate with the heat and all the extra booze
  • For more tips to keep hydrated on holiday click here

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, RELAX! We all lead extremely stressful lives with many of us attempting to juggle work and/or childcare, maybe you don’t get enough sleep? Make sure you build in time to kick back and relax, read a good book (see my post for my top 5 recommendations). Stress is linked to cortisol which directly impacts hormone and insulin regulation. Too much cortisol leads to weight gain, in particular, abdominal fat.

There you have it, by following these will ensure you remain that vision of beauty chilling by the pool or up at the bar.

If you have already been away on that overindulgent holiday and are in need of some help shifting the extra pounds then please do get in touch. Let me set you a personalised plan to get you back to your old self in no time. Fill out my contact form below for further information or a free 15 minute no obligation telephone call.

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