How 30 minutes of morning exercise can boost your productivity

We all know that regular exercise is of benefit to our health and well-being, but recent research has also highlighted the importance of timing.

The study carried out by the University of Western Australia showed that 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, running and swimming, done first thing in the morning is particularly good for us.

A morning bout of moderate-intensity exercise improves serum BDNF and working memory or executive function

These are the functions that help with decision making and problem solving. Participants in the study were shown to be up to 15% more productive on the days when the exercise took place.

So, if you have a hectic day at work or an important meeting coming up, maybe you should consider starting your day with a workout. Pair this knowledge with good nutrition and making sure to re-hydrate after your workout so you can up your game and achieve your goals.


Wheeler MJGreen DJEllis KA, et al
Distinct effects of acute exercise and breaks in sitting on working memory and executive function in older adults: a three-arm, randomised cross-over trial to evaluate the effects of exercise with and without breaks in sitting on cognition

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