Breast Cancer Risk: Lifestyle vs HRT

Breast cancer has to be the number one concern on womens minds when it comes to deciding whether to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for their menopausal symptoms. Often due to negative stories reported in the press or things they have seen on social media.

Some of the women I see during consultation would see huge benefits for their symptoms and long term health if they were to commence HRT. I find this infographic from Women’s Health Concern really useful as it clearly demonstrates risk by various lifestyle factors.

Being overweight is by far the biggest indicator of risk.

Wanting to lose weight is not vain and can help you improve many of the peri/menopause symptoms you may be experiencing, as well alleviating some of the worries you may have about your future health. But where do you start?

I get it, you know you need to change but you feel like shit, have zero motivation because nothing seems to work anymore, you are tired and would rather have a glass of wine than go for a walk. I can help you with this!

Using my gentle approach, we can work together to help you start to make changes that you are motivated to implement here and now. We don’t focus on the number on the scale but all the other markers that things are changing – better sleep, more energy, being able to concentrate or better relationships with your family as your mood swings settle.

Later, with access to better resources and information you might decide to revisit the idea of HRT and I can help you prepare for the appointment with your GP/health practitioner too.

I would love to talk to you about this some more and warmly invite you to get in touch via by contact page.