Body Confidence in Midlife

When you are unhappy with your body, it’s not unusual to start to focus on all the wrong things, like the number on the scale or comparing yourself to your friends and starting to view them as the competition.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that losing weight is the solution to all your problems here. Working on your mindset and the conversation you have with yourself on a daily basis will help you gain some new perspective. This ensures any changes you do decide to make come from a place of self-love rather than punishment and sets you up for success in the longer term.

4 tips to help you feel more confident in your body

Stop weighing yourself

You know when you feel great and then decide to hop on the scales and that number changes everything? What you feel, what you wear and how you eat. Stop it! Shift your focus to how you feel as you make improvements to your diet & lifestyle – do you have more energy, think more clearly, sleep better at night, do you wake up feeling less sluggish or maybe you can walk further without getting out of breath. These are positive aspects to focus on and feedback a number simply doesn’t give you.

Stop comparing yourself

Comparing yourself to others, whether they be your friends, colleagues, your daughter, celebrities in magazines or social media accounts is unhealthy and exhausting! There is nothing to be gained as we are all so individual. Switch your thinking to do the inner work –When you are feeling strong and fulfilled you won’t feel the need to compare to others. Spending all that time comparing to others, means you’re not spending that time on yourself- What are your strengths? What are you proud of?  And while we’re on the subject, unfollow accounts that make you unhappy.

Get lingerie that fits

Getting a decent fitting bra is a game changer! A great fitting bra can completely change your posture and the way your clothes sit on you. You feel more comfortable, so you feel better when you look in the mirror. My most recent purchases from Curvy Kate have been a fantastic fit and really opened my eyes to this. I used the online bra whisperer service to check my size and I have never looked back! My personal favourite is the lifestyle bra, go check it out.

Learn to accept compliments

When someone gives you a compliment, do you find yourself saying “yes but….” * Fill the blank with some negative you see about yourself * We’re really bad at this in the UK. Learn to simply say thank you and smile. Your mind hears what you say and believes it on an unconscious level. The way you speak and the language you use is incredibly important.

We are all perfectly imperfect despite the facades we put up. And don’t forget all of the above is a work in progress too. Be Kind.

A large part of my role when working one-to-one with my clients is to gently peel away the layers that have built up over the years, so they can better understand the choices they make around food and then learn how to implement easy dietary and lifestyle changes that work for them where they are now. If you would like to know more about my back-to-basics approach, I warmly invite you to get in touch via the contact form below.