My Approach

I work with people who are fed up of trying to lose weight, who are bored of the restriction, feeling hungry, calorie counting and want to eat real food without feeling guilty. I help you get to the root cause of your weight gain by examining your eating habits, your lifestyle and mindset. My aim is to bring back the joy and pleasure in eating whilst helping you to lose weight and keep it off for good.

You will not find me recommending any faddy diets or excluding food groups. I use evidence based research to work with you and give you the tools you need to break the bad habits that have built up over a lifetime.

Small changes to your diet will make a big difference to how you look and feel. Being healthy doesn't have to be difficult.

My Story

I LOVE FOOD! I could easily be the size of a house if I wasn't careful and in fact at one time I was. I left home only being able to cook one meal (a roast dinner) and then had years of eating processed foods. I had no idea about nutrition, I felt tired and run down. Then along came Jamie Oliver who sparked my interest in real food. I bought one of his books and learned how good food could taste. For the next few years I inhaled various cooking books and effectively taught myself how to cook.

My passion grew when my daughter (now 7, argh!) was born and I wanted to make wholesome, nourishing food for her. This went further when I started running and wanted to improve my performance in my marathon training. I’ve now run two and can’t rule out a third, I must be crazy. Anyway, the endless searching on the internet made me realise how much conflicting and just plain wrong information there is out there. So, I retrained and now work as a Nutrition & Weight Management Adviser. My passion lies with real food and helping people cut through the BS of fad diets, calorie counting and supplements so they can learn to love and enjoy food again without feeling guilty.

My Diploma is Accredited by VTCT and fully Certified by The Association for Nutrition. I am also a Member of The Royal Society for Public Health

Next Steps...

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