My Story

First things first, some facts about me: I LOVE FOOD! I enjoy running and have completed two marathons. Being out on my paddleboard and going to music festivals makes me happy.

My initial training was to help women from all walks of life improve their diet and lose weight. As time progressed, I became confused as to why ladies who were around midlife were not responding in the same way as my other clients or seeing the same results. A simple discussion with a friend who asked if I knew anything about menopause sparked a flame and I fell down the menopause rabbit hole! Little did I realise at the time; this was the situation I was in, I just didn’t know it yet.

I undertook training in nutrition for menopause, learning about the specific metabolic and hormonal changes affecting midlife women and how these can be addressed with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

As my experience grew, I really began to understand the importance of relaxation and stress management. This resonated with my own experience of yoga and the connection between body and mind. This led me to become a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, which has enabled my clients to unpick their deeper seated, emotional attachments to food. EFT isn't for everyone, so is not part of my standard coaching service. If you wish to explore this theraputic tool please mention this on booking.

I believe that to be successful in changing our behaviours and habits we need to feel good about ourselves, rather than the old rhetoric of 'no pain, no gain' or that change needs to be hard. My experience and training tell me this just isn't the case.

I have continued to expand my knowledge, to support my clients with the very latest, evidence-based advice. Most recently this has meant completing Dr Louise Newson’s Confidence in Menopause training. I am also a member of The Royal Society for Public Health.

My skills and depth of knowledge in this area enable me to provide 360 degree support to my clients, giving them unbiased advice about ALL the options available to them, dispelling myths, and untruths they may have picked up from the media over the years.

As a perimenopausal woman, I have been able to use my skills to help manage my own symptoms. Each time a new symptom raised its ugly head – hot flushes, nights sweats, debilitating brain fog (not the best when you are trying to deliver a nutrition for menopause workshop) tweaking my diet enabled me to alleviate my symptoms. But being in my early 40’s I was also aware of the need to replace my dwindling hormones and the protective qualities for later life, so I now take HRT.

My personal experience and training have uniquely allowed me to offer advice to my clients in a completely unbiased way, whichever route they wish to explore. Explore my coaching services here.

I get enormous satisfaction from empowering women to feel good about themselves again. It is my aim to change the story of menopause, we are not old and washed up, quite the opposite! The women I work with are strong and are excited about starting this new phase in their life where they no longer take any nonsense, are clear what they want from life and are going to enjoy every minute of what life has in store for them.

I would love to help you too…

Julie x


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